Flash 21 Gelling Agent

Flash 21 is the only gelling agent approved to use in the GFS 50 Terra Torch®. System. A case of Flash 21 consists of 6-1 Liter Flash A, 6-1 Liter Flash B, gels 300 gallons or 3/4oz of Flash 21 A & Flash 21 B per gallon of fuel. Gelling agent works very well with non-ethanol high octane gasoline and/or AV gasoline are the recommended fuel types. Ethanol gasoline/diesel blend (distilled water or spring water will need to be added to ethanol blended gasoline) will work but with varied results. Ethanol gasoline/diesel blend performance and ratios vary due to temperature, elevation, humidity and windy conditions. If at all possible Ethanol fuel is not recommended.

Flash 21 is currently available from Type One Products.