Flash 21 Gelling Agent

Flash 21 is the only gel fuel blend  approved for use in the GFS/Firecon Terra Torch®. 

A case of Flash 21 consists of 6-1 Liter Flash A, 6-1 Liter Flash B bottles and gels 300 gallons of drip torch fuel blend, 1 Liter bottle of A & B gels 50 gallons or 3/4 oz of A & B gels a gallon of fuel blend.  

GelFire Systems recommends a gel fuel blend of high Octane (90-92), non-ethanol gasoline (80/75% blend), diesel (20/25% blend) for consistent ignition performance.  

Gasoline w/ethanol can be used but water will need to be added to offset the amount of Ethanol in the gasoline blend.  Example:  30 gallons of gasoline will 10% ethanol will require 3 gallons of water to be added to the fuel blend to activate the Flash 21 gelling agent.  

Drip torch fuel ignition performance varies due to temperature, elevation, humidity and windy conditions.


Flash 21 is currently available from Type One Products.

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