GFS Training

GelFire Systems® Training program is an integral part of a GFS Terra Torch® Systems package with safety and performance being of the utmost importance. We strongly recommend that only certified Terra Torch® Operators use and operate the GFS Terra Torch® controlled burn equipment.

GelFire Systems® now requires all agencies/customers to be trained on the proper use of the GFS Terra Torch® at time of delivery.

A live ignition demonstration is recommended if possible and can be done successfully in a gravel pit area if conditions or location does not allow to perform an actual burn exercise.

At the time of delivery or scheduled training date, GelFire Systems® will provide the following service and training.

  • Unload/Uncrate Terra Torch® & All controlled burn equipment components
  • Review Terra Torch® valves, components & accessories
    Review and identifying the Terra Torch® Team and their roles
  • Preoperational procedures include loading & securing to vehicle, accessory identification checklist, complete systems test without fuel or fire, identifying fuel blends ratios and accessories hookups.
  • Operational procedures that include fueling from auxiliary sources, mixing fuel blends, gelling fuel procedures, GelGun operation, valve positions and best flamethrower firing procedures and practices for weeds, waste removal, oil spills, etc.
  • Troubleshooting different nonperformance scenarios
  • Post operational procedures include cleaning, purging procedures and storage requirements including an overview of the GFS Terra Torch® System.
  • Terra Torch® Operator Certificate will be issued after training is completed.
  • Two operation manuals will be included at training.

Terra Torch® Operator Certification, Re-certification and Training Program now available.

GFS Support

The GFS Terra Torch® is a very well-built and designed ground ignition system that will provide years of service. Very little maintenance or service is needed but when you do have questions, our GelFire Systems offers technical support via phone or Facetime. A quick review of operating procedures or trouble shooting can usually be accomplished over the phone and we are available to take your call. GelFire Systems offers additional controlled burning equipment accessories for purchase such as: GelHoses and GelGuns. s GelFire Systems also offers in shop repair and rebuild services for the GFS and Firecon Terra Torch®