Ignition Systems

GelFire Terra Torch GFS 50

Dimensions: 40 in W x 35 in L x 36 in H ● dry weight w/accessories 425 pounds ● gross weight 750 pounds ● recommended gelled fuel capacity 40 gallons ● GelFire Terra Torch® GFS 50, a compact 50-gallon ground ignition system specifically engineered to fit onto UTVs with limited bed sizes and the light weight allows the operator to comply with the UTV’s GVW limits. The GFS 50 also easily fits and is used in pickups, pumper units, trailers, tractor 3-point mounts, skid steers, jet/air boats, and dozers providing an operator many options to operate effectively and safely in all types of conditions.

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GelFire Terra Torch GFS 75

Dimensions: 40 in W x 41 in L x 36 in H ● Dry weight w/ accessories 485 ● gross weight 975 pounds ● recommended gelled fuel capacity 65 gallons ● GelFire Terra Torch® GFS 75 has all the benefits and features of the GelFire Terra Torch® GFS 50, but on a larger scale, engineered and designed for dimensions and GVW and is the preferred size for pickup use. With 25 gallons of additional fuel capacity, the GFS 75 Terra Torch® is the Terra Torch of choice for those looking for extra fuel capacity and staying below the DOT fuel tank thresholds.

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Both GelFire Terra Torches Have Identical Features That Include:

  • All aluminum tank designed to mix, gel, transport & store fuel blends with roll over design, spill containment & fill spouts
  • Honda GX160 electric start with 12-Volt battery, trickle charger, battery box (agency model)
  • 1" brass gear pump with 12-volt electromagnetic clutch system is controlled from a 12-volt pump control box and or GelGun
  • 7-valve system design safely drafts, mixes, propels & transfers fuel blends form tank and or auxiliary source
  •  Fork lift slots and lift points, GelGun rack, GelHose racks

GelFire Terra Torch Accessories Included

  • GFS GelGun w/3 tips, striker
  • 5/8" x 25' GelHose, 5/8" x 12.5' GelHose* x
  • Accessories bag w/adjustable wrenches & hex drivers*
  • Cold Fire 20oz Tactical Fire Extinguishers
  • Auxiliary transfer /fill attachments
  • Nylon ratchet tie down straps
  • 3-gallon utility jug for cleaning
  • Operating manual
  • (Included with Agency model)

Optional GelFire Terra Torch Accessories

  • 3/4” x 12' Auxiliary transfer hose
  • Auxiliary Fuel Drum Attachment
  • Auxiliary Fuel Transfer Strainer
  • Custom GelHose lengths
  • GelGun protective case
  • Additional GelGun
  • GelGun Tip Windshield
  • GelGun Shoulder Strap Kit
  • Cold Fire Cold Fire Tactical Fire Extinguishers 20oz, 1.5 gallon

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The Terra Torch will Light and ignite just about anything

The GelFire Terra Torch will

  • Ignite fuels within lower fire danger levels, reducing the risk of a potential wildfire.
  • Create wider burn windows due to the extreme fire power and fuels ignition.
  • Safely ignite & propel a stream of fire over 50 feet igniting a specific target.
  • When faced with reduced or limited manpower allows prescribed fire projects to get completed.
  • Ignite desired fuels when a drip torch will not.
  • Create less smolder and substantially reduce smoke with Terra Torch ignition.
  • Increase Crew safety & reduce fatigue when igniting dense or hard to reach fuel areas.
  • Safely mix, gel, transport, store and propels gelled fuel easily and effectively.
  • Provide years of dependable service with limited maintenance.
  • Burn & remove crude oil or petroleum product from rock, soil, sand, plants.

Safety is first priority

The GelFire Terra Torch has an excellent safety record with multiple built-in safety features. Safety is our top priority with attention to detail, quality components, unique design combined with extreme performance makes the GelFire Terra Torch the preferred choice in ground ignition equipment.


GelFire Systems continues to improve their Terra Torches with new features that improve the performance, operation, and safety of the GelFire Terra Torch. GelFire Systems now offers a GelFire Terra Torch Upgrade program that allows Customers with GelFire Terra Torches that have been in the field to send back their Terra Torches for complete inspection, service, and available upgrade options.

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GelFire Systems continues to support the Firecon Terra Torches in the field and highly recommends that if they are being used they need to be upgraded and rebuilt to meet todays requirements for a safe functionable Terra Torch.

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At GelFire Systems, quality is not just something we guarantee; it is who we are.  Since our founding, we have been fueled by innovation and a desire to provide systems that will enhance land management practices for the better. Superior craftsmanship combine with continuous support will provide years of performance with little maintenance.

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