GFS Terra Torch®

  • The GFS Terra Torch® boasts an all-aluminum tank and frame engineered for gasoline that is lightweight. This weed burning torch is strong and built tough for years of service. The GFS Terra Torch® tank includes spill containment, internal fuel/gel mixing manifold eductor system, Betts 10” manway hatch with integral overturn spill protection, as well as a normal P/V vent and emergency venting provisions.
  • The unit also features a 2-inch Protectoseal safety cap with flash arrester designed for safe fuel filling, and a tank system with rollover cage engineered and built exclusively by Superior Steel Products, Inc. The motor/pump frame is all aluminum construction designed to protect motor, pump, and plumbing system.
  • Honda GX160-LX2 gas motor, brass gear pump with 12-volt electromagnetic clutch ensures instant pressure, safety and excellent performance.
  • Unique 12-volt GFS GelGun activates the pump on demand combining safety with performance propelling ignited gelled fuel effectively 25 to 75 feet.
  • Quick connect flush face (Dry Break) hydraulic hose fittings are included for ease of operating, transporting, and storing with no drip containment. Fire hose pulled over grounded GelHose and 12-volt wiring system provides protection and longer hose life. Plumbing system includes a 7-valve design allowing mixing/recirculation, GelGun operation, drafting from tank, auxiliary fuel source and or transferring. Safety pressure relief bypass valve system with a pressure gauge for optimum performance and accurate pressure settings.
  • Also included is a 12-volt enclosed interchangeable control box which allows the operator safe pump controls for fueling, mixing and GelGun operation, plus 12-volt switch emergency shutoff. GelGun rack design secures GelGun during transportation and storage while maintaining accessibility. Dual hose racks for transporting, storing, and securing GelHose during operation. Re-tractable bonding reel and vehicle grounding cable is included. Forklift slots built into the unit frame allows for easy loading and unloading.
  • Included Accessories: 12-foot, 20-foot GelHose system, 12-volt trickle charger, auxiliary 10-foot transfer hose, transfer & fill adapter, fire extinguisher with mounting rack, nylon rachet tiedown strap, auxiliary emergency stop switch, adjustable wrench & pliers and operational manu

Model Specifications and Accessories

GelFire Systems GFS 50 Terra Torch®, a compact 50-gallon ground ignition system engineered to fit on UTVs, pickups, pumper units, trailers, tractor 3-point mounts, skid steers, jet/air boats, and dozers allow an operator many options to operate effectively and safely in all types of conditions and terrain.

  • Dimensions 40 in. W x 36 L x 36 in. H, Frame: Tube aluminum.
  • 50 gallons – ASTM Grade B209 5052 – H32 aluminum
  • 10-inch manway with lid, spill containment
  • 1”x1” tube aluminum tank cage with roll-over protection
  • 2 2-inch fill spouts
  • Gel fuel capacity 50 gallons
  • Dry weight with accessories 445 pounds
  • Gross weight with accessories 700 to 750 pounds
Drip Torch by Gelfire Systems
Weed Burning Torches

GelFire Systems GFS 75 Terra Torch® has all the benefits and features of the GFS 50 Terra Torch®, but on a larger scale. With 25 gallons of additional fuel space, the GFS 75 Terra Torch® is the unit of choice for those looking to optimize efficiency with less downtime refueling and mixing.

  • Dimensions 40 in. W x 42 L x 36 in. H, Frame: Tube aluminum.
  • 75 gallons – ASTM Grade B209 5052 – H32 aluminum
  • 10-inch manway with lid, spill containment
  • 1”x1” tube aluminum tank cage with roll-over protection
  • 2 2-inch fill spouts
  • Gel fuel capacity 75 gallons
  • Dry weight with accessories estimated 475 pounds
  • Gross weight with accessories 900 to 975 pounds
Terra Torch Drip Torch
Weed Burning Torches
GelFire Accessories – Avaliable to EXISTING GelFire Customers.

GFS GelHose system

  • 12-volt power cord connecting pump to GelGun allowing GelGun to activate pump
  • Fire hose protective cover protecting GelHose & 12-volt power cord
  • Dry Break Hydraulic fittings providing no drip disconnects & connects
  • Standard hose lengths 12ft and 20ft and custom order lengths available

GFS GelGun – Custom designed application gun for the GFS Terra Torch®

In the GelGun pump mode, GelGun trigger safely activates 12-volt clutch/pump providing instant firing stream.

GFS GelGun is authorized for use with GFS or Firecon Terra Torches only.

At Gel Fire Systems, quality is not just something we guarantee; it is who we are.  Since our founding, we have been fueled by innovation and a desire to provide systems that will enhance land management practices for the better. Superior craftsmanship will provide years of performance with little or no maintenance.