Firecon 55 Terra Torch®


GelFire Systems is currently developing a Terra Torch® for the private land owner and contractor that will have similar performance as our GFS models but made available at a more affordable price allowing land owners and contractors a viable option into a ground ignition system. 

Firecon 55 Front View

GFS/Firecon GelGun Rebuild Program

GelFire Systems rebuild program allows existing Terra Torch® owners to send in their GelGuns to be built back to like-new condition.

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The perfect ground ignition system for contractors and private land owners.

Firecon Terra Torch® Rebuild Program

Each Firecon unit rebuild is unique and will require communication in advance for GelFire Systems to provide a quote representative of the scope of work. Photos are especially helpful and those necessary include: all sides, pump, motor, and GelGun. Additional photos are welcome. A history of the unit, where it is located, how it has been used in the past, and what the goals are for the unit in the future are also helpful in putting together a quote.

Once received at the GelFire Systems facility, the unit will be completely torn down and cleaned. Items that may need replaced include gaskets, vents, motors, pump/clutch, belt and electrical guards to provide for better safety and easier access to motor area. All pump hoses and fittings will be upgraded to hydraulic high pressure or stainless fittings and fuel hoses. The new plumbing system will allow the operator to draw fuel from auxiliary source and to transfer fuel if needed. Our experienced staff will weld new fuel tank spouts, forklift brackets and support brackets as needed. A control panel redesign will bring new wiring and switches.

GelGun will be rebuilt to like-new condition with a new 5/8-inch by 25-foot GelHose system. Other accessories included are a 12-volt rechargeable battery system, 10-foot fuel transfer hose with draft and fill attachments and operating manual.

GelFire Systems now requires all agencies and customers to be trained on the proper use of the Firecon and GFS models at time of delivery or at an agreed upon time. Once the rebuild is finalized, the unit will be delivered and minimum of six hours training completed.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have regarding a Firecon unit rebuild.

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Rebuild 1b
Rebuilt F240 Batch Mixer