Company Information

Company: GelFire Systems is an Oregon, USA company registered on the following platforms: SAM, WAWF, IPP, FEDBID and is in good standing with multiple Federal & State agencies. Additionally, GelFire Systems is registered to do business in Canada with a current PBN.

OEM: GelFire Systems, formerly Firecon, is continuing to build, design, and repair land management tools and ground ignition systems. GelFire Systems is considered an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) which manufactures, sells, and services our gas weed torch known as the Terra Torch®. GelFire Systems sells our gas weed torch direct and does not sell through any distribution or dealer network.

Sole Source: GelFire Systems is considered a Sole Source Vendor with the USFS, USFWS, BLM, NIFC, BIA and multiple states within the U.S.A. GelFire Systems GFS 50/75 tank was approved and designed especially for NIFC/BLM. We do not know of any other company today that manufactures a land management tool such as the GFS 50/75 Terra Torch®.