Terra Torch® Applications & Uses:

The Terra Torch® is used for multiple applications including: forestry, range, wetlands, wildlife, environmental, roadways, canal & ditch banks, and more. Companies that benefit from using the Terra Torch® are private ranches, private land management companies, fire management, government forestry & land management, road maintenance departments and military.

  • Light & ignite existing slash piles effectively in wet or unfavorable conditions, creating wider burn windows.
  • Excellent & effective system for burning control burns, fire lines, green vegetation control, noxious weed/tree control, ground clearing, hazardous cleanup, crude oil clean up, structure removal etc.
  • Crude oil removal & disposal
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Diseased carcass disposal
  • Methane gas ignition & removal
  • Military and Government uses

Terra Torch® Benefits:

  • Compact rugged light weight design created for UTV applications but can be mounted on a variety of vehicles or equipment.
  • Complete system includes frame, mixing tank system, motor, pump, gel gun, gel hose, transfer/cleanout system, fire extinguisher & 12 volt battery system.
  • Increases the safety of firing operations by reducing firefighter exposure.
  • Enhance employee/operator safety by allowing ignition to hard to reach areas.
  • Increase productivity & efficiencies of burning operation greatly with the ability of continuous fire ignition.
  • Produces a hotter intense, continuous line of fire over other ignition systems plus reducing smoke management issues.
  • Most effective for burning under a wide variety of fuel conditions & fuel types & weather conditions.
  • Gelled fuel provides a longer residual burning time on the vegetation.
  • System propels ignited gelled fuel safely & accurately to distances of over 50 ft.

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