The Terra Torch® is used for multiple applications including: forestry, range, wetlands, wildlife, environmental, roadways, canal & ditch banks, and more. Companies that benefit from using the Terra Torch® are private ranches, private land management companies, fire management, government forestry & land management, road maintenance departments and military.

  • Light & ignite existing slash piles effectively in wet or unfavorable conditions, creating wider burn windows.
  • Excellent & effective system for burning control burns, fire lines, green vegetation control, noxious weed/tree control, ground clearing, hazardous cleanup, crude oil clean up, structure removal etc.
  • Crude oil removal & disposal
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Diseased carcass disposal
  • Methane gas ignition & removal
  • Military and Government uses


  • Complete system includes frame, mixing tank system, motor, pump, gel gun, gel hose, transfer/cleanout system, fire extinguisher & 12 volt battery system.
  • Increases the safety of firing operations by reducing firefighter exposure.
  • Enhance employee/operator safety by allowing ignition to hard to reach areas.
  • Increase productivity & efficiencies of burning operation greatly with the ability of continuous fire ignition.
  • Produces a hotter intense, continuous line of fire over other ignition systems plus reducing smoke management issues.
  • Most effective for burning under a wide variety of fuel conditions & fuel types & weather conditions.
  • Gelled fuel provides a longer residual burning time on the vegetation.
  • System propels ignited gelled fuel safely & accurately to distances of over 50 ft.
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If your existing ground ignition equipment such as drip torches, propane, fuses and ignition spheres are just not getting the job done or your frustrated with the cost and performance of a Heli Torch program then turn to GelFire Systems. Our Terra Torches will complement and enhance all ignition operations as it’s a Game Changer.


Wildfire Prevention

The Terra Torch® is recognized as an excellent ground ignition system that allows an effective way to manage excessive fuels that build up over time creating extreme fire danger in our Forest and Wildlands. 

The Terra Torch® increases burning windows, reduces manpower, outstanding ignition performance combined with an excellent safety record.

Wildland Fires

The Terra Torch® is an excellent backfire ignition device due to its ability to quickly lay down a rapid-fire line.  Gives firefighters the option to launch a fire line 40 feet from a road or existing fire line, easily and quickly widening existing fire breaks. The ability to quickly lay down a long fire line with limited manpower and or resources create greater opportunity to create successful backfire operations.

Prescribed Burns

Perhaps one of the greatest features of the Terra Torch® is its use for controlled burns. The Terra Torch® greatly enhances a controlled burn performance due to its ability to rapidly ignite the prescribe area.

It is one the most effective tools in containing and controlling the invasive plant species that are disrupting our lands.  Because of different terrains, some invasive species are stubborn to traditional approaches. The performance of Terra Torch® quickly kills and control most invasive plants that are increasingly gaining a foothold. The extreme heat and the ability to hit a target at a distance allows operators to effectively control the unwanted plant species even in unfavorable weather conditions.  

Environmental Cleanup

The Terra Torch® is an excellent resource for environmental cleanup such spilled crude oil removal, hazardous waste spills and removal, structure removal to name a few. The ability to provide extreme heat into a targeted area creates optimum burn up results while being very cost effective compared to other means of removal.